The Lutheran World Federation is a global communion of churches in the Lutheran tradition, founded in 1947 and comprising 145 member churches in 98 countries all over the world representing 72 million Christians.

World Service is the LWF´s internationally recognized humanitarian and development arm. We have earned a distinguished record by linking timely, compassionate and professional emergency response with excellence in rehabilitation, reconstruction and effective long-term development efforts.

Mandated by the communion of LWF member churches to carry out “effective and empowering diakonia addressing human suffering, injustices and emergencies”, World Service works with and for vulnerable and crisis-affected populations to achieve justice, peace and sustainable lives.  World Service´s uniqueness is to be locally rooted and globally connected.

LWF was registered in Mozambique as an international NGO in May 1987. However, LWF Mozambique has been engaged in programs of assistance to Mozambique since 1977, when the major concentration was on Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs).   




LWF Mozambique

LWF is working in Mozambique since 1977, when the program started assisting people displaced by the war. LWF Mozambique was registered in the country as an international NGO in May 1987.

Later on, the program that started helping returning refugees and IDPs to start a new life, transformed to Community Empowerment program addressing the issues of Livelihoods, Health, DRR and Capacity Development through a rights based approach.

The strategic period of 2016-2021 will further move towards facilitation and less direct implementation. LWF contributes to sustainable livelihoods of rural communities with its food security and microfinance projects. In addition, LWF trains communities to develop disaster risk reduction and response plans. To secure rural livelihoods, LWF also supports community-based advocacy for access to land and equitable share of natural resources.

Increasing the participation of women in community decision-making is part of all areas of our program.

Our Projects
Our Vision

People in Mozambique living in a just society in peace and dignity empowered to achieve their full potential, claim their universal rights and meet their basic needs.

Our Mission

Inspired by God’s love for humanity, LWF Mozambique responds to and challenges the causes of poverty and human suffering.

Our Core Values

Dignity and Justice: World Service respects the dignity of every person and empowers and supports vulnerable communities in their efforts to achieve justice, human rights and a sustainable future.  We address the underlying causes of poverty and exclusion and work for a more equitable distribution of power, resources and opportunities.

Compassion and Commitment: World Service cares and shows compassion for those who are suffering. At the same time we are committed to being professional in program management and implementation.

Respect for dignity: As differences among us express richness of God´s creation, World Service respects diversity within the communities it works with and within its workforce.

Inclusion and participation: World Service is committed to being inclusive and enabling the full and equitable participation of women and men, people of all ages and people with disabilities in all its activities, programs and decision-making processes as well as in society.

Transparency and accountability: World Service is strongly committed to transparency in all its activities, motives, aims, program and final decisions and results. We aim to balance accountability toward affected populations with accountability to partners and back donors.

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